FF Clifford and Trio Grotesk

FF Clifford, Trio Grotesk

Maybe the clearest lesson to take from this particular pairing is that generously spaced, wide sanses tend to dominate the composition, typographically speaking. Providing a closer look at this interaction are our actors, the even-colored and very readable FF Clifford by Akira Kobayashi, and the softened, cartographically inspired Trio Grotesk by Florian Schick.

FF Clifford, Trio Grotesk

As with any of these, a good place to start is to line up a few words and see what’s working, and what each face is good for.

Trio Grotesk, FF Clifford

FF Clifford, Trio Grotesk

Below, the different optical sizes of FF Clifford are shown in relation to one another: Eighteen, Nine, and Six. And if you’re wondering, all samples are set on a 6 pt baseline grid.

FF Clifford optical sizes

New Great Pairs land here on the blog every Wednesday.


  1. Posted January 30, 2013 at 6:34 PM | Permalink

    Lovely settings, David. Of course, I am always happy about FF Clifford, but it marries surprisingly well with Trio here.

  2. Posted January 31, 2013 at 2:18 PM | Permalink

    Thanks Stephen. The overall softness of Trio Grotesk helps a lot to reinforce Clifford’s sharp, spirited texture.

  3. Posted February 11, 2013 at 6:51 AM | Permalink

    I assume you already know “The big book of font combinations” published by bonfx.com..I use it in classroom for courses primarily for publication on the web. I appreciate the layouts of the book.
    But I noticed that your approach is more focused on printing. Question: Do you intend to provide examples of “Great Pairs” for publishing screen?
    Do not get me wrong, I really appreciate your review, and it is a source of inspiration that is being converted into indispensable. In all ways, continue to publish articles as interesting, and you will continue to have many readers!

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