Glosa and Relato Sans

Moving now to an Iberian match-up, we visit the pairing of Dino dos Santos’s Glosa and Eduardo Manso’s Relato Sans.

Glosa, Relato Sans

Our serif face is the contemporary, rationalized Glosa. Glosa offers a good set of optical sizes to choose from. Its Text weights perform well in editorial settings at normal text sizes. The refined Display weights create a striking high-contrast option for large settings. And the in-between Headline fills its headspace with an appropriate increase in x-height and slight bump in ascender height.

Glosa, Relato Sans

Together with the warm, yet somewhat reserved Relato Sans, each does its part to maintain a crisp look. Certain characteristics such as the rationalized axis, and small details, such as the counter shape in the lowercase e tie the designs together well. There is a seriffed counterpart to Relato Sans, in case you’re interested in something a bit closer in pedigree.

Relato Sans, GlosaGlosa, Relato Sans

Glosa, Relato Sans

Of course mentioning this may be a deal breaker, but I happen to really appreciate the stiff, angular structure of Relato Sans’s Triplex-like italic. At small sizes, the angularity nearly disappears.

Relato Sans, Glosa

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