Youthful: Parry and ARS Maquette

ARS Maquette, Parry

Striking what I see as a youthful balance is this pairing of Artur Schmal’s Parry and Angus R. Shamal’s ARS Maquette. Parry follows a traditional 18th-century text construction, but encourages rather than restrains certain of its elements from wobbling off axis, resulting in a sensitive and playful face.

Parry, ARS MaquetteARS Maquette, Parry

ARS Maquette is an almost geometric grotesque, providing just what Parry needs to support this kind of a relationship. I would encourage the typographer to explore Parry’s display capabilities, at both the very light and heavy ends of its weight spectrum. And of course, Parry has its own grotesque should you decide to go for a more British flavor, or allow the serif face to play the more distinguished role.

Parry, ARS Maquette

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