Type Trends Wrap

FF Flightcase

First, some light housekeeping: This is the final scheduled post in the Type Trends series. I’m sad to see it go, but glad for what’s taking its spot. Type Trends won’t go away forever; It’s liable to show up here and there, especially by popular demand. The major trends I feel are covered for now. (The pieces at the bottom of my list that didn’t materialize into posts included type designed and marketed with a very specific use in mind, and type that plays with extreme contrast.) If you were holding out with a better idea I’d love to hear it.

The new series is called Using Type, and it’s a return to the basics. How to use grids and figures and hyphenation and titles and so forth will be the topic at hand, and what I hope to accomplish with it is the creation of a space where all of us can learn something, and contribute something. The new content is presently in production and will drop here Thursdays. Here’s a taste.
Stencil faces

Whether for their forthrightness, ephemeral nature, or some connotation held of speed or strength, stencil faces have plenty to offer the creative typographer. When using stencil faces, select something with an adequate bridge, or gap between positive strokes. The leap of the eye to connect the unjoined parts, and the implied rules of the structure of the stencil is what makes the face fun to look at. Try incorporating a physical process, as that’s what stencils are for. Line bridges up with a the document grid. Experiment with graphic elements of a similar width as one of bridges or islands.

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