The Right Amount of Nostalgia: Minion and Telefon

Telefon, Minion

Telefon, Minion

One of the most common pairing questions I get is ‘What goes with Minion?’ Robert Slimbach’s fantastic Renaissance Roman seems all too ready to be paired with, well, anything. Its even texture, economical width, modestly tall x-height, language support and broad distribution have made it a popular choice and one particularly well-suited to book and publication design. I’ll pair Sindre Bremnes’s Telefon with it and give my own rationale as I go.

Telefon, Minion

So the question with pairing to Minion is often the question with any text face—what kind of a part do you want it to play? If you want to use Minion’s classical feel to ground some edgy ‘right now’ design, then pair it with something that looks new, and use the composition to your advantage. If you want to use Minion’s crisp feel to sustain the contemporary aspect of a design like Telefon, one that’s rooted in a near-century-old modernist aesthetic, Minion’s happy to play that part. Just as a side note, there are a number of optical sizes of Minion you may not have heard of, such as Caption, or Display.

Telefon, Minion

What I appreciate about the working relationship of these two is that they each have both age and youth at their command, and they each give and take to and from one another as needed. Managing that kind of relationship while setting type is both enjoyable and rewarding. That’s all—a brief one this week. Happy Holidays everybody. See you with some Great Pairs mash-ups next Wednesday.

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