Type Trends: Specialty Processes

When appropriate to the piece or series, introducing specialty processes into a job is one way to differentiate one’s work, and remind the audience that they’re worth the trouble. When I say specialty processes I refer to lesser-used production methods in print, such as media that makes use of die cutting, foil stamping, thermography, engraving, specialized inks, stochastic rasterization, embossing, debossing, spot finishes, as well as the use of any number of uncommon substrates, such as hand-made paper, plastic, wood, foil, parchment, leather, etc. or superstrates, such as lenticular media. Below, Manchester-based Creative Lynx uses a few of these to create the identity for a local restaurant, Australasia.

The menu is heavily debossed with a generously letterspaced Bulmer and Monospace 821, or Helvetica Monospace. The texture is further enriched with adhesive labels reminiscent of a luggage tag (Update: It’s UNDA.) and custom hand stamps, the kind used to cancel postage, with type not unlike FF Confidential. Notice how the various colors of carton and craft paper are allowed to each contribute to the color palette, rather than specifying a single standard media.

Likewise, Underware’s promotional Read naked, promotes Sauna making use of heat-sensitive ink. One must participate in order to enjoy the only barely visible text above. Sample photo taken at roughly 23° C. More info is in Font Magazine 004. And that’s it. I see a rising trend toward more specialty processes as a means of creating a more inviting, personable experience for one’s audience. Enough from me. What have you seen like this? Would you agree that it’s a growing trend?

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