Pinterested: New boards this week

This week, we’ve traveled across the internet in search for street art — our most recent Pinterest boards showcase some fun and extraordinary examples of type.

Fall is a great season for traveling, so we’ve explored a tiny bit of the internet for type around the world. Our Street Art & Graffiti board is another great example of “handmade” type (or lettering, if you will). As David discussed some skeuomorphic type for this week’s Type Trends, you’ll find some examples of that with street art, as well, including ribbon type by the street artist Eme. If you’re traveling this season, maybe you can find some of these examples on our pinboard!

Also, don’t forget about our Alphabetized board — it’s always interesting to find how different objects or materials, such as raw meat, can be made into a sturdy alphabet or how elaborate details can be worked into or out of an already-existing typeface.

If you’re new to Pinterest, don’t forget to follow all of our boards, otherwise you’ll miss the new boards we create every week!

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