Typographic Trends and Undercurrents

Because we’re designers, we’re taught to recognize and make use of contrast in our compositions. We of course don’t stop there however; We see this visual phenomenon at work everywhere – in the way each part interacts with the whole, and on a larger scale, in the way our work interacts with the whole of graphic design. So when something looks particularly new to us, it’s no wonder we take and carry it with us. As new styles and graphic trends develop, we may consider the application of a particular style to our work as not a conscious choice, but only natural. Twenty years later however, we may note that our following the same popular processes and whims led us to unsurprisingly similar results. More concisely, no sooner have we borrowed from something that contrasts the rest, than have we lowered its contrast.

So in thinking about current typographic trends, and how and why they develop, I’ve come up with a few I’ll be hatching serially over the course of the next few weeks, here on Thursdays. While my reluctance to compile a list of things that would most certainly be out of fashion in six months time should be noted, one can also note that – while I’ll be including some of that for reference – this won’t be that.

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