Nick Cooke’s Rollerscript

If you’re the perceptive type, you may already have guessed that the handwritten note reproduced below is not what it seems. Just in from G-TypeNick Cooke’s Rollerscript is the latest in a long line of naturally flowing, casual handwriting types – but since what this one does, it does very well – I thought I should take it out for an extra walk this afternoon.


When searching for a handwriting face that has just the right tone, a thoroughly human option can be difficult to find. Faces that introduce a bit of human variation can convince with one word and fail to persuade with the next; while those that appear too normalized or systematized disclose their origins too readily. Rollerscript seems to have arrived at a good balance by both introducing spontaneity through a complex system of expertly fit character combinations, and by adhering to a relatively regular axis. As you type, Rollerscript’s many alternate forms and ligatures pop into action, changing and swapping out characters to ensure consistent personality, better overall fit, and that identical glyphs never appear too near one another on a line.

Rollerscript comes in two variants, Rough (pictured above) and the more simplified Smooth. The rough texture recreates well the edge left behind from a quickly pulled ball-point pen on inexpensive paper.

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