Buyer’s Guide: Basic Licensing for Desktop Use

When you license a font you want to make sure that you pay attention to what your needs are and how to support those needs by purchasing the correct license. We previously went over how webfonts are licensed, but here’s a refresher in how desktop licensing works.

A basic license is the initial cost to license a font. The End User License Agreement, EULA for short, are the terms that you agree to when you license the font. Each foundry has their own EULA and because we have over 100+ foundries, we’ve added a shortcut to every font’s license at the bottom of their product page.

Most desktop EULAs will support up to 5 concurrent users at a single geographic location. But if you need to support more users or additional locations than the EULA allows, you can always extend your license by purchasing an Multi-User license. We’ll go over MULs and extending your basic license next week.

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