Fontlympic Decathlon: Superscript Throw

Now rounding the curve into its final week, the Fontlympic Decathlon continues—taking the typographic acumen of you, our readers, and putting it to work to judge five faces competing for best all-around performance. Today’s event is the Superscript throw, but first a look at the scores from yesterday’s Dashes Competition:

Superscript figures are not merely figures that have been reduced and baseline shifted. They are drawn at size, with stroke weights that harmonize with the rest of the face. (Phony software-generated superscripts are easy to detect; They’re always too light and create a weak spot on the page.) To prevent fake superscripts, always select superscript from the OpenType panel, or hand set it from the Glyph palette. If you need a superscript, but the typeface you’re working with doesn’t have it, it’s time for some better type. Speaking of—choose from these pro faces the one whose superscript works best with the rest of the face.

Polls close at midnight (Pacific). The next event in our Typographic Decathlon continues here tomorrow at 1pm.

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