Fontlympic Decathlon: The Dash

Our Decathlon continues with its sixth event, but first we’ll wrap up last week’s portion of the competition. A look at the scores from Friday’s Short Copy Text Competition:

Which leads us to our midweek standings (click image below for larger view). Eric Olson’s Klavika holds an impressive lead, but  Jackson Cavanaugh’s Alright Sans is battling it out with  Jörg Hemker’s FF Sero in the second and third slots. It’s still any typeface’s game as we head into the final five events.

Now on to hurdling these typefaces through em dashes, en dashes and hyphens. Deemed as the “spork of English grammar” by Mental Floss, the em dash (the width of capital ‘M’) can serve a variety of purposes in long strings of text — serving in place of other grammatical marks or breaking up the tone of your sentence. A bit harder to spot (and named after the width of the capital ‘N’), the en dash shows numerical ranges and can be used as a storied hyphen (when the second part of the hyphenated phrase has more than one word). Hyphens, of course, are a handy tool to join compound words and assist in multi-line text justification.

Polls close at midnight (Pacific). The next event in our Typographic Decathlon continues here tomorrow at 1pm.

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