Pinterested: New boards this week

This week, we got in touch with our inner video game geek and our crafty side. We have two new Pinterest boards up where you’ll be able to look into the world of video games and sewing through typography!

From cross-stitching to knitting, we have a selection of fonts and fStop images that will help inspire you to finish those last few scarf rows or that last page in your summer scrapbook. Take a look at our Sew Creative board — Stina Regular and P22 Folk Art Cross will keep you stitching!

We also put together a collection of pixel fonts that will remind you of the days you had to blow into a cartridge to make a game work. Our Like A Boss board brings back 8-bit memories — finding the Triforce, fighting off the undead in Transylvania, realizing the Princess is in another castle. Maybe you can use Lomo Std or Sys Flash Ten and create your own video game.

Before you dust off that NES in your closet or go searching for embroidery needles, be sure to follow us on Pinterest — the Fontlympics are still going on!

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