At TypeCon: Education Forum and Official Kickoff

TypeCon’s stellar lineup has made it hard for me to get a spare-moment blog post in edgewise. It’s been just fantastic meeting and talking with people who devote themselves to the type and letter-making disciplines—becoming friends with the people whose work you quite admire. At TypeCon, young and old talk shop and discuss how to solve the visual problems their projects present—over lunch, or a drink.

During yesterday’s TypeCon Education Forum, lecturers like Gerry Leonidas, Jay Rutherford, Craig Eliason, Sumner Stone, Dan Reynolds and more discussed what’s changing, what remains the same, where typography goes from here, and specifically, how to convey these concepts to eager minds in the classroom. A letterspacing exercise was conducted using black masking tape on white paper, led by sign painter and type designer John Downer. Note Nick Sherman’s enormous wood type leaned against the wall in the background of the photo above. He printed with it too.

Just outside the main hall, a gallery of type-related design work shows what we’ve all been up to over the course of the past year. I would refer to this as a conference highlight, but there are so many it kind of doesn’t make sense to present everything as a highlight. There have been many, including last night’s talk by Austin designer Christian Helms on doing great work through incorporating elements you love, and this morning’s lecture on the working parts of good typography by educator and type designer Cyrus Highsmith. Keep an eye on this blog for more from TypeCon.

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