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Pinterested: New boards this week

One, two, three and to the fo’ — lowercase serifs are at the door. We have one new board up that’ll have you begging for more.

The two-story lowercase “g” can be a fun glyph, so we’ve gathered a variety of lowercase serif “g” forms for you to browse. Ranging from the classic Baskerville Old Face to the modern feeling of Ambroise to a glyph with more attitude from FF Oneleigh Pro.

Our Nuthin’ But A G Thang board — it’s like this and like that and like this and uh, check it out!

FF Chartwell Fever is Off the Charts

We here at FontShop have been pretty stoked about FF Chartwell since it came to us through FontFont’s May release. Over the summer, David showed you how to use the seven different styles of charts in Travis Kochel’s font and we hope you’ve had fun trying it out.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that the rest of the web has caught FF Chartwell fever. Check out these recent stories:



Cool Hunting

Daring Fireball

A little bird tells us that the “web” of FF Chartwell uses is expanding quite soon as well…stay tuned!

New Webfonts

Now that we’re getting new fonts in each week, it’s difficult to keep the webfonts from mixing in; So we’ve prepared a list of our latest fonts for web—available to license, download and serve yourself on your own webserver, or additionally within the FontFont range, from our partner Typekit. One easy way to find all the webfonts from a given foundry is by visiting the Webfonts page and selecting them in the Foundry drop-down menu. Anything you’re looking for but not seeing here? Let us know! Not all foundries have yet begun the process of converting their type to web formats, but with your encouragement, their webfonts are bound to hit the market soon.

Here are the latest webfonts, including some you may have missed this summer.

Letters from Sweden

Trim Web, Siri Web


Sinews Sans Pro Web

Schiavi Design

Sys 2.0 Web


Filo Web, Fou Web, Ribera Web


Winco Web, Lavigne Text Web / Display Web


NB Antiqua Pro Web

Hiba Studio

HS Alfaris Web

Also, you may not have noticed, but we’ve updated the look of this blog with some new webfonts. The headers are now in Evert Bloemsma’s FF Balance Web and the body text is Michael Abbink’s FF Milo Serif Web.

New Fonts This Week

Just in this week—a fresh new face. As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories. Now for the latest from the following foundries:



Alias Type Foundry

New Webfonts

Buyer’s Guide: Basic Licensing for Desktop Use

When you license a font you want to make sure that you pay attention to what your needs are and how to support those needs by purchasing the correct license. We previously went over how webfonts are licensed, but here’s a refresher in how desktop licensing works.

A basic license is the initial cost to license a font. The End User License Agreement, EULA for short, are the terms that you agree to when you license the font. Each foundry has their own EULA and because we have over 100+ foundries, we’ve added a shortcut to every font’s license at the bottom of their product page.

Most desktop EULAs will support up to 5 concurrent users at a single geographic location. But if you need to support more users or additional locations than the EULA allows, you can always extend your license by purchasing an Multi-User license. We’ll go over MULs and extending your basic license next week.

Pinterested: New boards this week

We have one new board for you this week that you can cuddle with all weekend. Our Give It A Hug board has fluffy, squishy, and cozy fonts that you can rest your eyes on from Rosetta’s plump script Sutturah to Sudtipos’ marshmallow face Fiance. If you find yourself falling asleep on your laptop often, why not drift off knowing you have a soft, pillowy font like Pinup Regular tucked away on your computer?

Don’t forget about our other boards we have up! We pin our favorites to our Staff Picks 2012 board, so if you’ve missed our selections from previous months, you can check out the various faces we love!

Staff Picks, August 2012

Staff picks time again, which means summer’s cooling off and the kids are back to school. Here we take a look at a few of the outstanding typefaces selected, and of course for the complete list—and I must say, it’s a good one this month—see all August 2012 Staff Picks.

Meghan picks Elevon by Ron Carpenter, published by Dalton Maag

“All the Mars Curiousity space talk has me leaning toward Dalton Maag’s Elevon this month.”

Jason picks Generell by Michael Mischler, published by Gestalten

“… a friendly slab”

Emily picks Acta Display by Dino dos Santos of DSType

“I just think it’s beautiful. It’s sturdy and elegant, and not too fussy.”

Sutturah Up Close

Octavio Pardo’s beautiful script heavyweight Sutturah deserves every pound of praise it gets. Its deep-cut traps help to distinguish individual strokes where otherwise room wouldn’t allow, and the same give a plump dimensionality to the face.

An unrepentant display type, Sutturah casts off legibility concerns in pursuit of its main goal, being an eye-catching, casual, fun script of impossibly heavy proportions. Check the character set to see all its awkwardly necessary improvisations, like its corkscrew w.

Like all Rosetta faces, Sutturah supports multiple scripts, in this case Latin & Cyrillic.

New Fonts This Week

Just in this week—all these fresh faces. As always, subscribe to our newsletter and read this blog for the full stories on these. Now for all the latest from the following foundries:


FS Olivia Pro

FS Pimlico

FS Truman

Hiba Studio

HS AlBasim A

HS Alfaris , HS Alfaris Web

HS AlBasim B


Sutturah Latin

Sutturah Cyrillic


NB Antiqua Pro, NB Antiqua Pro Web 




Museo Sans Extended Cyrillic 


Girga Complete 

Solido Complete  / Compact  / Compressed / Condensed / Constricted

New Foundry




Zipolite Family

New Foundry

Boutros International

Boutros Latin Sans SerifBoutros MaghribiBoutros Latin SerifBoutros Minaret Medium

More from Boutrous International »

Office Gallery Opening Recap

Our gallery opening last Thursday was a hit. People enjoyed not only our renovated space, the art, and food, but a specially-curated music playlist based on the 100 best typefaces of all time. Check out the playlist on Spotify.

In addition to the photography and type samples on display, our space has two mannequins dressed with authentic replica costumes. One of our savvy engineers gave them life with special projected video and speech boxes. Scroll down to see what we mean.

Thanks again to all of you who were able to stop by. It was great to see our friends in the Bay Area design community, members of AIGA, and some of our TYPO speakers and volunteers.

If you live in or are visiting the Bay Area, you’re welcome to stop by see our office and the gallery. Just send us an email.

Buyer’s Guide: Font Formats

A couple weeks ago, we talked about how TrueType works with Macs — but what about the other formats, you ask? Let’s take a look at the different font formats:

OpenType, TrueType, and PostScript are the various formats that you might find fonts available in. OpenType and TrueType are compatible on both Macs and PCs while PostScript fonts are computer-specific. Webfonts come in two formats — EOT and WOFF — that you can read more about in our “What is EOT and WOFF?” post. If you’re deciding which format is the best option for you, here are some points to remember:

OpenType fonts are usually the best option, as they work on both Mac and PCs. However, not all applications are “OpenType-savvy”, so there might be some cool OpenType features like swashes and stylistic alternates that you may not be able to access if you don’t plan on using design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite programs.

TrueType fonts are a better choice if you plan on using Microsoft Office programs such as Word or Powerpoint. MS Office programs have little to no support for OpenType and tend to have issues accessing those cool swashes you want to use.

PostScript fonts are a legacy format that tend to cause issues on newer computers, which is typically why we suggest choosing OpenType or TrueType whenever possible. PostScript fonts are computer specific, meaning they will only work on either a Mac or PC, not both.

Webfonts cannot be installed on your computer but are instead used in coding for websites, typically using the @font-face CSS rule.

While browsing the fonts on FontShop, you’ll notice that they’ll have some kind of indicator of what format they’re available in, similar to the icons in the Font Format guide above.

Pinterested: New boards this week

Dive into our Pinterest boards this week with a recap of the Great American Typefaces we covered in our July 4th Newsletter and a collection of fun fonts on our water-themed board.

Last month, we listed out our Top 10 Great American Typefaces in our July 4th Newsletter — if you need to refresh your memory or are feeling patriotic, our Great American Faces board features the fonts from our Independence Day focus on American typography including Sweet Sans and Goudy’s Decorative Initials.

As the end of summer is nearing, it’s still important to stay hydrated! August is National Water Quality Month in the US, so we went fishing in our ocean of fonts for some water-themed faces from Linotype’s WaterFlag Regular and F2F Whale Tree Std Regular to Electric Typographer’s Finfont — you can find these gems in our Water You Waiting For board.

Quench your thirst for typography with these two new Pinterest boards!

Office Gallery Opening

We’ve been up to more than usual here at FontShop.

Earlier this year our San Francisco office underwent renovation. We now have more space, a new kitchen, and new shades for our large windows.

Our expansion also gave us new, freshly painted walls, just waiting to be covered with something. What to do with all the blank wall space?

We created a gallery. It features photographs from our staff showcasing travel and hobbies. We also dug into our archives and selected a variety of typographic catalogs, posters, postcards to cover the walls. This gallery showcases both the personality of our team and the history of FontShop.

We’re so thrilled with the results, we’re having a party to celebrate. If you live in the Bay Area stop on by Thursday August 16 from 5–8pm. View full details and RSVP here.

Starting Monday, August 20, if you’d like to drop by to see the gallery send us an email.

Get Fiorentina at 50% Off

Gert Wiescher’s Fiorentina is a new decorative face for a specific kind of display work. The typeface takes for inspiration the ornamented manuscript writing of Renaissance Italy and from there departs on its own path to the over-the-top, embellished inline script you see here. Get it half off through August.

Real Life Fontlympics

While we were busy running the Fontlympics out of the San Francisco office of FontShop, our Berlin colleague, Lucy, traveled to London to witness the real games. Lucy was kind enough to take some shots of the typography she spotted.

As expected, Gareth Hague’s custom typeface, Headline 2012, dominates the signage, though a bit surprisingly even shows up on the jumbotron (below) in animated LED form. It wouldn’t be a British event without Johnston  making an appearance on the wayfinding signage (above). Just as likely, Gill Sans Ultra Bold finds its way onto the daily program, but the Germans do manage to sneak in with some Futura (below).

Did you go to the London 2012 games? What typefaces did you spot?