Buyer’s Guide: How webfonts are licensed.

When you license a webfont on FontShop you obtain the right to self-host the font on your site so that visitors can view your page in a specific typeface.

A webfont license is based on the number of pageviews per month for all websites, including sub-domains, for an organization. You pay a one time fee, not a monthly or yearly fee, until the pageview rate changes. Once the pageview rate changes, you can contact FontShop to extend support for your website. If you are creating content for a client’s website then the client, not you, must license the webfont.

Catch up on our previous Buyer’s Guide to get the full scoop on webfonts here! Next week, we’ll explain what EOT/WOFF are and how to use them in your code to self-host your webfonts.

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