Tour de France Stages in FF Chartwell Rose

FF Chartwell Rose gives you a unique way of grouping data visually. You’ll notice that while sized differently, the rose ‘petals’ are all of equal width, which makes them ideal for demonstrating values that differ in one dimension, but remain the same in another. In this case I show 20 stages of differing lengths in the Tour de France. The stages progress one per day, and I’ve made two rose charts with 10 stages per chart.

Making the charts was really simple. I just took a list of stage lengths, normalized the values to percentages of their ceiling, and put plus signs between the resulting integers. (The values need to be between 0 and 100.) Once set in FF Chartwell Rose, I enabled ‘Set 1’ in the Stylistic Sets menu within the OpenType panel, and chose some shades of gray to represent each stage. There’s a screenshot of this panel in action in the previous FF Chartwell post.

I could have put all 20 stages into a single chart, (the maximum is 30 values per rose chart) but I opted to simplify a bit. Here’s what you get when you put all 20 in one.

The FF Chartwell series on making charts out of type continues on Monday.

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