The Planets in FF Chartwell Rings

FF Chartwell Rings is useful for comparing percentages of completion of a task, particularly cyclical tasks like laps around a track. My inspiration for today’s look into FF Chartwell’s ring charts was similar—planetary revolutions around the sun. Looking ‘up’ at our solar system from along our sun’s polar axis, this chart shows the planets’ relationship to the sun and to one another as they are now.

Jupiter clearly appears to be in the lead, except of course that the gravitational pull on planets nearer the sun causes their revolutions to be ten or more times that of the more distant planets.

To create the chart, I started with eight values separated by plus signs. FF Chartwell Rings accepts integer values between 0 and 100. To make the text into rings, I just enabled ‘Set 1’ in the stylistic sets menu of the OpenType panel. I chose some colors and then overlaid the chart with a copy of itself using a slightly more muted palette. Last, I reduced the values of the overlaying chart by 1, so the brighter colors could show through, and I stuck on some labels.

And here’s another view as seen from (roughly) Polaris, looking ‘down’ on our solar system. The chart is perhaps a bit misleading, since from this vantage point the planets orbit counter-clockwise. ‘Where’s Pluto,’ you ask? Sorry. Stars and planets only. You should make your own.

Have you got a fever, and the only cure is more Chartwell? You’re in luck. Today’s post is the fourth of a seven-part series, so there’s plenty to go back and read, and a new one comes out here on Monday.

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