Travis Kochel’s FF Chartwell

Update: The series is complete! See the list below for links to each part.

When Travis Kochel submitted his plans to expand and re-release Chartwell through FontFont, we were thrilled. The degree to which the fonts constitute something completely new to the world of type is something we haven’t seen in a long time—arguably ever. FF Chartwell isn’t like other faces in that its letters and figures aren’t intended to be displayed; They only serve as placeholders for chart and graph elements. When a stylistic set is applied via OpenType, simple strings of numbers become charts.

Lots of interest and buzz and how-tos came with FF Chartwell’s release, but we at FontShop decided to make our own in-depth study of each of its seven chart fonts, and have some fun visualizing data along the way. Our FF Chartwell series starts Monday.

All seven parts of our series:

Tall things in FF Chartwell Vertical Bars

Radar Charts in FF Chartwell Radar

Superfamilies in FF Chartwell Bars

The Planets in FF Chartwell Rings

Tour de France Stages in FF Chartwell Rose

Family Names in FF Chartwell Lines

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