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FF Turmino

FF Turmino by Ole Schäfer

As May draws to a close, we wrap our series on faces from the FontFont Collection Tier. The whole process has been a great chance to look back through some of the early experiments of now-well-known designers, or just to come across great designs that have fallen out of common use. It’s in fact for that reason—because they’re lesser-known—that Collection FontFonts make up some of the highest value-per-dollar families and font sets we offer. Special thanks goes to our intern Kristin Stenzel for contributing her eye to the specimens, including the one below. Take a look back through some of our selections, or to peruse them yourself, visit the FontFont foundry page and pick ‘Collection FontFonts’ inside the Tier filter. And at last, we leave you with Ole Schäfer’s FF Turmino, a semi-condensed sans that grows more compact as you take it up in weight.

New Fonts This Week

Here’s all our latest. For more in-depth coverage on these, sign up for our newsletter.

New Foundry



Grilled Chicken

Tart Workshop

Aya Script

FF Kipp

FF Kipp by Claudia Kipp

In or out of register, FF Kipp allows the typographer to add a bit of subtle contrast or visible wear by using any of its four distressed overlay fonts.

New Display Faces from FaceType

With the addition of FaceType’s library to FontShop’s offerings came loads of new display faces — too many to cover in a single newsletter. So we picked out a few to present here on the blog.

Moki by Marcus Sterz

Moki is a squared-off monolinear geometric available in a number of variants, including distressed, stencil, rounded, lean (an alternate caps variant), and mono. And you can get the monospaced version, Moki Mono, for free.

Motto by Marcus Sterz

Polychrome or multi-color types like Motto come as two or more separate font files that overlay to create faces in more than a single color.

Weingut by Georg Herold-Wildfellner

Weingut comes in a set of four fonts that include ornaments & swashes, and the polychrome elements necessary to set its leafy flourishes in a separate color.

Staff Picks, May 2012

May Staff picks are in. Take a look at the complete list, or just these highlights.

David picks Capucine by Alice Savoie, published by Process Type Foundry

“… for its sparkling, inky texture.”

Mark Picks Indy™ Italic by Charles E. Hughes, published by ITC

“Elegant with a slight hint of ninja.”

Ivo picks FF Tundra by Ludwig Übele

“There are just a very few narrow serif typefaces that work well on both screen and paper, while having a very distinct yet non-obtrusive character.”

Touch Press Puts Mobile FontFonts to Good Use

London-based Touch Press publishes books and other collections in the new medium ushered in by the iPad. Among their titles you’ll find such successes as Theodore Gray’s The Elements and Marcus Chown’s Solar System. It’s a young company started by media producer Max Whitby and author Theodore Gray, built on the premise that our present idea of books and reading is due for a great transformation. When we found out Touch Press was using Mobile FontFonts for some of their newer releases, I immediately got in touch with them to find out more. I spoke with Matt Aitken, one of the designers, who was able to walk me through a few of the compositions, and talk type along the way.

The Barefoot World Atlas came first. The children’s atlas tells stories with audio narration, illustrations, objects and photographs, placed at points of interest about a revolving globe. Matt explained that typographically, it needed to closely match the feel of the printed edition. FF Duper and FF Tisa took up this task, adding to the playful presentation and all the while staying easily legible to children’s eyes.

Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy pairs the renaissance artist’s anatomical drawings with 3D models representing the best medical imaging presently achievable. One highlight of the app is its ability toggle between the original and the translated text in drawings. “We at first considered the idea of presenting these handwritten legends in a font that looked like handwriting, but after some thought, decided against using a style that somehow might mimic Leonardo’s writing. We instead went for something that stands off the page a bit, FF Celeste Sans.” The other main consideration was that these translations needed to be legible at small sizes. “The originals were all smaller than A4, and in some cases the writing is just tiny,” Matt explained. FF Celeste Sans works well for this purpose. It has sufficient graphic contrast from the rest of the material, but with its humanistic feel is still able to stay cohesive with the whole of the composition. The classical proportions and contemporary feel of FF Yoga set the tone of the app, used both in body text and user interface.

As Matt and I discussed Touch Press’s emphasis on great design, he brought up as one of his formative experiences an early collaboration with Hilary Kenna. “Hilary helped us to see the typography as such an integral part of telling the story.” Matt adds that since placing greater effort toward getting the type right, the company’s services have been all the more in demand. “Each one of our apps has a story in it. We work to make the typography beautiful and the whole experience great.”

Mobile FontFonts are licensed for embedding in Android and iOS apps. Browse our Mobile FontFonts. By the way—Where else have you seen Mobile FontFonts in use? Let us know.

FF Brokenscript

FF Brokenscript by Just van Rossum

Contemporary as it is, FF Brokenscript takes its name and construction from a centuries-old gothic blackletter hand. Its strokes, rather than flowing into one another to close the forms stop short, and there remain fractured, or broken.

This Week’s New Fonts

There’s more to come on this week’s new foundry and great new faces, but for now, here’s all our latest news:

New foundry

MB Type

Including MB Type’s first official release, Equity

Plus these from:



Major Family



Krul is 20% off through June 11.


Tablet Gothic



FF Backstage

FF Backstage by Stephan Müller, Cornel Windlin

FontFonts from the Collection Tier are value-minded font packages, combining cohesive designs from individual families, or multiple faces from multiple designers. FF Backstage is three stencil faces: FF Chernobyl, FF Container, and FF Water Tower.

FF Elementa

FF Elementa & FF Elementa Rough by Mindaugas Strockis

Dispatches from TYPO Berlin

The original TYPO kicks off tomorrow (Thursday) in Berlin and some of the TYPO San Francisco team is here to observe and get inspired for next year. If you can’t be here, don’t dismay, six talks will be livestreamed around the globe.

Stay tuned to to view:

Thursday, May 17

16:00 (7am PST) Daniel van der Velden

20:00 (11am PST) Lars Müller (In German)

Friday, May 18

16:00 (7am PST) Nat Hunter

20:00 (11am PST) Matthew Butterick

Saturday, May 19

11:00 (2am PST) Lupi Asensio, Martin Lorenz

19:00 (10am PST) Jessica Hische

Also watch Twitter and their blog (mostly in German) for frequent updates.

FF Pitu

FF Pitu by Lukasz Dziedzic

This Week’s New Fonts

Atlas Font Foundry

Novel Sans Rounded by Christoph Dunst

Büro Dunst is now Atlas Font Foundry. To celebrate, we’re offering the new Novel Sans Rounded package in six weights for $99, only $30 more than the price of a single weight. This 50% savings is available through June 30, 2012.


Geek Speak / Tweaked by John Roshell

Lunar Modular / Orbiter / Rover by John Roshell

Tart Workshop

Sugarplum by Crystal Kluge

FF Acanthus

We just found this little gem hiding out in the FontFont Collection Tier:

FF Acanthus by Akira Kobayashi

FF Gothic

FF Gothic by Neville Brody