From the FontFont Collection Tier

Back when FontFont split its library into tiers, most of the attention went to the Premium FontFonts, because they were the top selling, and the Free FontFonts, because, well, the price was right. In between these two the foundry placed a third tier called Collection FontFonts. The formats and package options of these exotic and hardworking faces were simplified, and the prices reduced. As a result, members of the Collection tier make up some of FontFont’s highest bang-per-buck families.

So we decided to pull out some of these and polish them up a bit, and make a series of it to run through May. After all, the rediscovery of fresh work that’s grown unfamiliar can be just as satisfying as coming across the new. From the FontFont Collection tier:

FF Airport by Cornel Windlin, Stephan Müller

FF Ticket by Daniel Fritz

Whether the job is related to air transit or ticketed events, or either is only the lens through which your brief takes its cues, these two families offer both pattern and texture to your visual vocabulary.

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