Staff Picks, April 2012

Hey, it’s Staff Picks time again; Our chance to pull out the new and dust off the old and tell you why we love all these clever, stately, familiar and unconventional faces. Here’s the whole list, and three in a bit more depth.

Anna picks Priori Acute Serif by Jonathan Barnbrook, Marcus Leis Allion, published by Emigre

“The impossibility of it makes my eyes happy and my brain itchy.”

Mayene picks Alda Bold Italic by Berton Hasebe, published by Emigre

“I love Alda’s Bold Italic, especially in large sizes, with its distinct flat edges. Strong and sturdy, but still elegant—a font that a football player could use in a note asking his high school sweetheart to prom.”

Meghan picks FF Clan by Lukasz Dziedzic, published by FontFont

“It’s the official typeface of TYPO.”

One Comment

  1. Posted May 7, 2012 at 7:06 AM | Permalink

    Thanks Anna.
    Funny that a scratch (scribere) has caused an itch 🙂

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