New Fonts, March 2012

March brought us a great selection of new faces to look through. Let’s get into a few of them in detail, and if you’re still left wanting, see the complete list for all the March additions.

Braga by Dino dos Santos and Pedro Leal explores ornamentation through pattern, adhering tightly to a set of concrete visual constraints. Limitless variation in color and composition results when the design’s 24 interrelated fonts work together to create layered artwork.

Hernandez by Daniel Hernandez sticks with tradition just enough to keep it interesting. The resultant heavy slab serif bounces along, its curves reinforced by deep cuts into the lettershapes.

User Stencil by Pedro Leal adds to the User family a useful face for display work. One interesting characteristic of the User family is its common character widths across weights, even in its reversed ‘Cameo’ variants.

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