FontBook 2.1 at Full Resolution on Retina Display

The FontBook team has just given us word that FontBook 2.1 is up for sale in the App Store. FontBook 2.1 takes full advantage of the new iPad’s beautiful Retina display, with double the resolution and four times the pixel density of iPad 2. The new iPad’s brilliant, high-contrast display becomes a suitable substrate upon which FontBook’s specimens reveal the character of their faces. At its high resolution, even type samples set at text sizes approach the crispness of the printed page.

Find FontBook 2.1 for the new iPad at the App Store, or learn more about it at

One Comment

  1. Will
    Posted April 11, 2012 at 3:33 PM | Permalink

    Absolutely fantastic app. It is THE font reference icon of a generation. One tiny, tiny flaw. On the load screen with the book icon on the grey background, there is the faintest leftover of the book corner just to the top left of the icon. Seemingly left over and unerased from probably the original design. It’s up for a second or so as the app loads and takes a keen eye to spot.

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