Staff Picks, March 2012

Final Final Final Final
82 FF Tisa 74 Minion 78 FF Unit Slab 81 PMN Caecilia
52 Miller 51 Farnham 51 FF Spinoza 44 Lexia

Our March Madness Faceoff continues Thursday at 1pm Pacific. Get your updated bracket with scheduled game times here. What’s March Madness?

On another note, March staff picks are in. Have a look at a few of them in detail or see the complete list; or both.

Jason picks Goth Chic by John Roshell of Comicraft

This one comes in three degrees of blackletter; the first dabbles and the last seems to fully commit.

Mayene picks Acta Poster Swashes by Dino dos Santos of DSType

“I could stare at the letterforms of Acta Poster Swashes all day; pretty dreamy, pretty bold, and just pretty.”

Theresa picks Lily Wang by Ryoichi Tsunekawa of Flat-it Type Foundry

“An affordable script with pen-like strokes that’s easy to work with in any program.”

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