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Email me the Fonts

To make it easier for you to get what you’re looking for on, we’ve added a new delivery option when you buy something. You can download, or now email yourself the fonts. This comes in handy especially when you’re browsing the site from a mobile device, or when you’re ready to buy something after looking it over in the new FontBook.

Selecting the Email option sends the zip file to the address listed in your account. If it’s a big file, (over 10MB) the email option is disabled for that product, but the site works the same as always; Whatever you’ve paid for but haven’t downloaded yet will be waiting for you the next time you log in.
When you choose the email option, here’s what the delivery message looks like:

You can take it from here. Thanks for following our work to put great type into the hands of great designers.

Final Four Compete

Final Final Final Final
40 Frutiger 35 FF DIN 34 Fedra Serif B 37 FF Tisa
13 Sweet Sans 18 Interstate 18 Premiéra 17 FF Unit Slab

Only four contenders left, and only two spots in the championship; Let the games begin!

Frutiger vs. FF DIN

Fedra Serif B vs. FF Tisa

You can get a closer look at these faces by following the links in the headers, or by exploring the families in FontBook. FontBook for iPad available in the App Store. More information is at

All polls close at midnight (Pacific).

Faceoff! Eight Compete for Final Four Spots

Final Final Final Final
25 Premiéra 34 Fedra Serif B 32 FF Tisa 29 FF Unit Slab
31 Dolly 20 Baskerville Original 21 Minion 25 PMN Caecilia

We’re getting ever closer to Monday’s Faceoff Tournament Championship! Let’s take a look at our bracket as it now stands.

And now for today’s match-ups: Go to it.

Frutiger vs. Sweet Sans

Interstate vs. FF DIN

FF Tisa vs. FF Unit Slab

Premiéra vs. Fedra Serif B

All polls close at midnight (Pacific).

Sweet Sixteen Narrows in Today’s Faceoff

Final Final Final Final
53 Frutiger 50 Sweet Sans 44 Interstate 60 FF DIN
43 Salvo Sans 40 Brevia 42 Bree 30 Neue Haas Grotesk

How’s your bracket looking after last night’s unpredictable results? We’d like to see it! Link us to your photos in the comments section.

Dolly vs. Premiéra

Baskerville Original vs. Fedra Serif B

FF Tisa vs. Minion

FF Unit Slab vs. PMN Caecilia

All polls close at midnight (Pacific).

Sweet Sixteen Starts Today

Final Final Final Final
26 Dolly 21 Premiéra 23 Baskerville Original 20 Fedra Serif B
18 Capitolium 2 18 Williams Caslon 17 Zócalo 18 Sabon

It’s all winding up this week. Sweet Sixteen starts now!

Salvo Sans vs. Frutiger

Brevia vs. Sweet Sans

Interstate vs. Bree

FF DIN vs. Neue Haas Grotesk

Northeast Serif Faceoff

Final Final Final Final
38 Interstate 36 Bree 34 FF DIN 39 Neue Haas Grotesk
25 Fakt 22 Rubrik 26 ARS Maquette 19 FF Bau

FontShop’s March Madness Faceoff continues.

Capitolium 2 vs. Dolly

Premiéra vs. Williams Caslon

Baskerville Original vs. Zócalo

Sabon vs. Fedra Serif B

All polls close at midnight (Pacific). Games pick back up right here on Monday with the first round of the Sweet Sixteen. (It’s sweet because Sweet Sans is in it.) Full schedule here.

Southwest Sanses Face Off!

Final Final Final Final
82 FF Tisa 74 Minion 78 FF Unit Slab 81 PMN Caecilia
52 Miller 51 Farnham 51 FF Spinoza 44 Lexia

…And we’re back with another two-day tie-up to see who advances to the Sweet Sixteen. Let’s get right to today’s match-ups:

Interstate vs. Fakt

Rubrik vs. Bree

ARS Maquette vs. FF DIN

FF Bau vs. Neue Haas Grotesk

All polls close at midnight tonight. What is this? It’s FontShop’s March Madness Faceoff. Get a bracket with the game schedule on it here.

Introducing FontShop Search with Live Results

You asked for more search functionality on and we listened. Today we’re excited to launch search with live results on the site.

Once you’ve typed in at least three characters, font products will appear in the menu, sorted based on popularity. As you type, the search can tell the difference between designer, foundry, family and will group the results accordingly.

For example, if you start typing in “FF l” you’ll get a list beginning with the light weight of FF Din OT.

We hope this helps simplify your experience on the site and makes searching efficient and seamless, so you can get back to putting these fonts to work. Tell us what you think of this feature in the comments below.

Staff Picks, March 2012

Final Final Final Final
82 FF Tisa 74 Minion 78 FF Unit Slab 81 PMN Caecilia
52 Miller 51 Farnham 51 FF Spinoza 44 Lexia

Our March Madness Faceoff continues Thursday at 1pm Pacific. Get your updated bracket with scheduled game times here. What’s March Madness?

On another note, March staff picks are in. Have a look at a few of them in detail or see the complete list; or both.

Jason picks Goth Chic by John Roshell of Comicraft

This one comes in three degrees of blackletter; the first dabbles and the last seems to fully commit.

Mayene picks Acta Poster Swashes by Dino dos Santos of DSType

“I could stare at the letterforms of Acta Poster Swashes all day; pretty dreamy, pretty bold, and just pretty.”

Theresa picks Lily Wang by Ryoichi Tsunekawa of Flat-it Type Foundry

“An affordable script with pen-like strokes that’s easy to work with in any program.”

March Madness Southeast Serif Faceoff

Final Final Final Final
43 Salvo Sans 36 Frutiger 37 Brevia 42 Sweet Sans
30 Typonine Sans 31 Siri 30 Trade Gothic 23 Rhode

Last night’s final scores are posted. Congratulations to the four faces that advanced from the Northwest Sans selection.

Jumping now to today’s match-ups in the the Southeast, let’s get to it.

FF Tisa vs. Miller

Minion vs. Farnham

FF Spinoza vs. FF Unit Slab

PMN Caecilia vs. Lexia

All polls close at midnight tonight, Pacific time.

What’s all this? This is the first round of FontShop’s March Madness Faceoff. Get a bracket here.

Faceoff: First Four

Good afternoon font fans, let’s get straight to today’s matchups:

Typonine Sans vs. Salvo Sans

Siri vs. Frutiger

Trade Gothic vs. Brevia

Sweet Sans vs. Rhode

All polls close at midnight tonight, Pacific time.

What’s all this? This is the first round of FontShop’s March Madness Faceoff. Get a bracket here.

March Madness Faceoff!

It’s March Madness here at FontShop, and we’ve prepared a Faceoff of our own, complete with brackets you can print at home and fill out. It’s a 32-face, single elimination blind bracket.

The first four match-ups begin today at 1pm PST, (that’s 4pm Eastern, 3pm Central). Vote in each game’s poll to contribute to your team’s score. Polls close at midnight (Pacific).
We realize that this is an arbitrary selection, and that our match-ups are arbitrary also, perhaps more so than the other, more famous March Madness tournament. Serving as our impartial referees are FF Milo and FF Milo Serif.

Get your bracket here in PDF; and keep up with the tournament right here on our blog.

Women in Type

It’s International Women’s Day today, so we put together a brief look into the work of three female type designers. Let’s start with FF Ernestine, by Nina Stössinger.

The Typophile community got to see and take part in the early development of Ernestine before its release through FontFont in 2011. Ernestine’s also a great choice for today because it achieves its original intent of being at once feminine, smart, and confident.

Next is the work of Veronika Burian of TypeTogether.

Veronika’s character especially shows through in these two, Maiola and Bree; she’s pragmatic and brave and lovely. Veronika started TypeTogether with José Scaglione in 2006 and co-created the Rosetta label in 2011.

And wrapping up is a sneak peek at Nicole Dotin’s new text face Elena. You’ll see more of Elena in our next newsletter.

Nicole works alongside Eric Olson at Process Type Foundry in Minneapolis.

New Fonts, February 2012

February brought us loads of great new faces, a bit heavy on novelty, but not without its finds. Here are three script faces that stood out to us, and if you’re still left wanting, see the complete list. Now on to the good stuff.

In Filmotype Havana, Charles Gibbons masterfully gives new life to this casual signage hand from the mid-20th century.

Feel Script by Alejandro Paul of Sudtipos brings back some of the wonder of 1950s-era ad lettering.

Stephen Rapp’s Shoebop similarly explores a fifties feel, but carries itself with an awkward adolescent gait. Though highly expressive, the letterforms’ introverted gestures are careful not to stick out too much.

Typography Travels

Team members in the FontShop San Francisco office have been trekking the globe this winter. Of course, even on our vacation, type is never far from our mind. Designer Anna Eshelman and Meghan Arnold, Communications Manager, recently visited El Salvador and India, respectively. Below are a couple typographic highlights from their travels.

El Salvador

I found that the city of San Salvador offers many interesting and beautiful displays of lettering and typography, especially in its graffiti art and storefront signage.

But at the summit of Izalco Volcano, 6,398 feet in the sky, were surprises aplenty – besides the heat under my feet from the steaming rocks, this rough blackletter lettering on stone captured my attention.

Whether it be initials carved into a tree or artful scrawl on a bathroom wall (or letterforms painted atop a mountain of fire!), stumbling upon interesting lettering in places where we least expect it is a treat.


This was my second trip to India and visually it’s a bit like being stuck on hyperdrive in the space-time continuum. Ultra-modern and classic design swirls in a sea of shapes and colors – typography doesn’t escape this whirlpool. Sanskrit and Roman lettering co-exist, just as English, Hindi and regional languages are verbally intermixed.

The signs above were spotted in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, where I traveled for a friend’s wedding. Not surrounded by the crowds of tourist destinations, wandering through the bazaar on a weekday allowed me time to scavenge for handmade signage. The timeless feel of these two signs really popped out at me. I love the flourishes on the misspelled sign. On the other, the word “Tailors” is so whimsically painted, in such a bright yellow, it brought a smile to my face.

Have you had any great letterform encounters on your travels? Share your story in the comment.

Want to learn how to make your own handmade signs? Register for TYPO San Francisco and take the Friday workshop from New Bohemia signs.