New Fonts, January 2012

January brought loads of great new fonts with it. Have a look at some of our finds.

Neue Haas Grotesk by Christian Schwartz, after Max Miedinger; published by Linotype

If you’re going to use Helvetica, choose a beautiful one. What makes Neue Haas Grotesk any different from any other cut of Helvetica? First, its optical sizes differentiate between display and text typography, and compensate accordingly. The second difference is only in the small details, which in typography is only everything.

Elegy Pro by Ed Benguiat, Jim Wasco; published by ITC

I was very surprised and delighted even to find this stately formal script among ITC’s new faces. Elegy’s fine lines and contrasty caps are best suited to display setting.

Ysobel by Delve Withrington, Robin Nicholas, Alice Savoie; published by Monotype

Ysobel started as an update to Century Schoolbook. Its rationalized axis and carefully controlled contrast produce in running copy a kind of special texture peculiar to the Scotch Roman and its predecessor, the Neoclassical and late Baroque letter. An extensive collection of weights and optical sizes for both text and display are available.

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