Signpainting at New Bohemia Signs

Michael Pieracci and I stopped in on our just-up-the-street neighbors at New Bohemia Signs last Saturday during their first-ever signpainting workshop. You may remember hearing that name from one of our FontCasts. When we first approached the studio’s proprietor, Damon Styer, about incorporating some kind of a brush lettering workshop at TYPO San Francisco, he invited us to come see how this one came off. From a bystander viewpoint, and from the mouths of his students, everyone seemed happy with the results.

Damon had long intended to offer some sort of instructional workshop to interested parties. Things picked up speed when a gentleman stopped into the shop last year looking for a unique Christmas gift for his wife. “For the first time, we kind of had to set a date and plan on it,” Damon explained. Several graphic designers, artists, letterers, and fans of the shop caught word and responded that they too hoped to attend, and with minimal trouble all vacancies were filled.

The students were started out with some tips on how to hold the brush and how to approach letter construction; the rest was practice, practice, practice. Damon made the rounds during practice time to answer questions and jump in when his pupils needed help.

After working through some details, Michael and I are pleased to announce that Damon’s brush lettering workshop will be available to conference attendees at TYPO San Francisco. Details on how the workshop will be set up and which day(s) it will be offered are not yet set, but if interested please check back on the conference website for the full details as they become available.

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