A Walk Though FontBook 2.0

Taking a couple hours to get up to speed with the recently updated FontBook App this morning, I found what makes the new version better, and worth the upgrade. Its new collections give you more and easier ways to find what you’re looking for, and even if your typographic knowledge is expert, plenty of opportunities to be surprised along the way. Keep reading for some news about our favorite app for iPad.

Without a doubt, the top feature of FontBook 2.0 is its auto update. Now instead of holding a fixed number of fonts (albeit a very large fixed number), the new version quietly updates itself with the latest from FontShop.

Getting into the two new buttons on the opening screen, News & Trends, and Usage, I first went to see what Usage was all about. By Genre, I found list after list of descriptive categorizations, mainly organizing the faces by formal characteristics: Distressed Sans, Dotted, Multiline, 3d Embossed, etc.. I’ve linked to the corresponding FontLists.

Browsing by Period allows the researcher to flip through types based on more than classification or year of release, but by popular association to a given period. The ‘Art Deco,’ or ‘1950s’ set for example contains not only types designed during the period, but also those most evocative of it.

The Award Winners section within News/Trends  makes for a fantastic browse, turning up no lack of new and very good text faces for sophisticated, understated typography.

Speaking of, we’ve just this morning learned that FontBook’s creators have been honored with the Certificate of Typographic Excellence from the Type Directors Club at their annual TDC Communication Design Competition. We’re very happy to hear the news.

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