FF Skill Sets

With our latest releases from FontFont came the news of a new kind of collection, FontFont Skill Sets. Three curated collections, one for advertising & packaging, one for editorial & publishing, and one for corporate & business work make it simpler to build a library of fonts you can use. The idea of reintroducing collections (FontFont used to sell collections on CD) comes from the consistent requests FontFont gets to recommend ‘starter’ sets to its clients, young designers mainly.

What’s inside

Each of the FF Skill Sets contains a selection of the most indispensable weights of several very good, contemporary, and recently released faces, curated with that collection’s specific applications in mind. OT packages—the high-bang-per-buck but without extended language support variety—offer what most projects need without letting too many options get in the way.

Just picking out a few from the Advertising & Packaging Skill Set includes among lots of others selections from Evert Bloemsma’s FF Cocon, Hans Reichel’s FF Sari, Xavier Dupré’s FF Tartine Script, Just van Rossum’s FF Brokenscript, FF FlightcaseH.A. Simon’s FF Market, Nick Shinn’s FF Fontesque, FF Oneleigh; Daniel Fritz’s FF Ticket, and the FF Dingbats 2.0 set by Johannes Erler, Olaf Stein & Henning Skibbe.

It’s difficult to mention any of these without mentioning them all. Lucky for us, the other two collections emphasize more weights within fewer families.

The FF Editorial & Publishing Skill Set chooses from the weights of FF Atma, Clifford, Legato, Meta Headline, Strada, Eureka, Parable, Celeste (this cut of Celeste is specific to small settings), Nexus Serif & Nexus Mix, Unit, Zine Sans & Zine Slab.

And the FF Corporate & Business set contains selections from FF Dax, Kievit, Meta, Letter Gothic Mono, Fago, Magda Clean & Magda Clean Mono, Zwo, Plus, and Page & Page Serif.

Though I left the labels off for fear of too much repetition, every type family above starts with FF.

One last thing: If you’re a student who’s ‘goin’ legit’ with properly licensed fonts, you’ll notice that when you go to buy one of these packages, or when you get your parents to buy it for you, that it comes at a significant discount. Let me repeat that. It’s significant. Send your inquiry to education@fontshop.com to find out what I’m talking about.

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