New Fonts, December 2011

Getting back after the holidays, the previous year has left us with one small task, that of wrapping up December’s New Fonts. Let’s get a closer look at a few of them.

FF Ernestine by Nina Stössinger, published by FontFont

FF Ernestine is sturdy and sophisticated. Its italic inclines at a modest ~3½ degrees. Hrant Papazian designed its Armenian characters.

Filmotype Gem by Mark Simonson, published by Filmotype

Next, Filmotype Gem, the heaviest of the Filmotype ‘G’ Series. Gem takes us back to a time when letters were hand painted with care, or when type hand-set from film was done to similar effect.

Major Update: FF Quadraat by Fred Smeijers, published by FontFont

Twenty years after its initial release, FF Quadraat has undergone a sweeping redesign, update, and extension to its language support. Pro versions include glyph support for Cyrillic-based languages, and should you need a versatile companion sans in additional widths and weights, there’s that too.

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