New Fonts, October 2011

October left us with a number of great new additions, including the new foundry psType and a new product line for a new destination, mobile fonts. See all of October’s new fonts.

FF Good, FF CelesteFF Yoga & FF Suhmo Mobile Font packages

Mobile Fonts arrive. In the same way webfonts allow the designer to specify types outside of the web-safe options for the browser, mobile fonts give the app developer more choices that work at the application level on iPhone and iPad. Browse the Mobile FontFont microsite for a complete listing of fonts ready to embed in iOS apps.

Sweet Square by Mark van Bronkhorst, published by Sweet

Prior to type designer Mark van Bronkhorst’s expansion on the style into Sweet Square, the popular stationer’s face existed as type in the lone Sackers Square Gothic. Sweet Square completes the character set to include lowercase, and pairs the roman with an italic, in nine weights.

King Tut by Kevin King, published by Canada Type

King Tut is a wide slab serif family drawn from the 1850 Miller & Richard face Egyptian Expanded. The set extends from the monolinear thin weight to a rich heavy black weight, seven all together. The name, King Tut, makes a subtle reference to its author.

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