Reflections on TYPO London

Earlier this week we made the exciting announcement that TYPO, Europe’s most successful design conference, will be coming to San Francisco. With the week winding down, two of our SF staffers reflect on the TYPO London conference held last weekend.

Says First Officer, Michael Pieracci:

TYPO London felt just like past TYPO Berlin conferences. The speakers had great stories to tell, compelling experiences and ideas, and their presentations were impeccably designed. I loved seeing attendees and speakers mingle outside the auditorium during breaks. My favorite presentation was from Kutlu Çanlıoğlu on how the BBC accommodates a huge number of language on their many sites. And the most exciting moment was receiving an autograph from King Bansah.

Reflections of Meghan Arnold, Communications Manager:

This was my first TYPO and I’m so excited that we’ll get to experience this in the states next year. I’ve never been so creatively inspired in an auditorium before, by such a diverse group of speakers. The mix of students and design notaries created a most amazing vibe. I loved seeing the inspiring women who presented and their use of color and storytelling in design. Of particular note to me were Nat Hunter, Marina Willer and Morag Myerscough. And let’s not forget the killer sketch notes of Eva Lotta-Lamm!

You can find more wrap-up of TYPO London on their blog.

Did you attend the conference? What were some of your favorite moments? Who would you love to hear from in San Francisco?

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