Staff Picks, October 2011

We’ve passed some bits around the office; shuffled some emails. Here are our staff picks for October.

David picks Leitura Sans by Dino dos Santos of DSType.

“Here’s a grotesque that plays on the edge between the American gothic and the European grotesque conventions. To me it comes off as refined and beautiful, set both large and small.” The Leitura Super Family claims Leitura Sans.

Meghan picks FF Good Mobile by Łukasz Dziedzic; published by FontFont

“As a self-proclaimed ‘app addict,’ I love that we now have mobile fonts. It will be nice once apps start looking different from one another using typefaces to brand. Glad that the future is here!”

Anna picks Katarine by Tomas Brousil from Suitcase.

“There’s just something about this face that makes it a pleasure to look at. I enjoy its softness as well as its variety of angles (check out the ‘w’!).”

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