New Fonts, September 2011

September brought us plenty of new fonts to go through. We added two new foundries, Astype & Storm Type Foundry, and got several new releases from Filmotype, Newlyn, HvD Fonts, TypeTogether, IHOF, and a new subset of URW++’s collection called profonts. Here are a few selections from September’s New Fonts.

Capitolium News 2 by Gerard Unger, available from TypeTogether

Gerard Unger’s news types are some of the most legible and spatially economical types one can come across. Initially designed in 1998 for wayfinding signage and reworked for newsprint text this year, the face is strong and dignified in tight spaces.

 Monarchia by František Štorm of Storm Type Foundry, after Rudolf Koch

František Štorm refers to Monarchia as a transcription of Rudolf Koch’s Frühling. The original fraktur was designed from 1913–1917. Walbaum is also shown.

Ornaments Accolades by Andreas Seidel of Astype

When the brief calls for it, this three-volume set of Victorian flourishes makes easy the process of dressing a typographic composition in soft trimmings. Use restraint. The sample above is shown with Secca.

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