Theresa’s Tips: Language Support

Here’s a few tips to see if the typeface you want to license supports a specific language. Make sure you have a phrase or simple word in the characters you need in hand. For example, let’s find out if FF DIN Regular supports Cyrillic characters! The first step is to search for the typeface and then change the custom text to the characters you need supported. Right away we can see that only the PRO version of FF DIN Regular is rendering the text.

From there you can go to the product page and check out the entire Character Set. Typically if a font supports additional languages you’ll see multiple pages that show all the glyphs. In this case, FF DIN Pro Regular has four pages and contains 887 Glyphs that you can view.

Because I’m a triple check kinda of person, I want to go through the pages of the Character Set to make sure the glyphs I need are there.

Done! Everything looks good and now I know that I can create documents in Cyrillic using FF DIN Pro Regular.

One Comment

  1. erik
    Posted October 13, 2011 at 1:25 PM | Permalink

    Great post. Very useful and well explained.

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