Theresa’s Tips: My Account Features

Every time you log on to FontShop, you’ll see a My Account link on the top right hand menu. We’ll go over the different features tucked into this section of our site.

The first section of the My Account link is your basic information. If you need to change your name, password, or email address then just hit edit.

Hitting edit will take you to fields that you can modify. For example if you forget your password and need to change it after we provide you with a temporary one, then this is where you can create a new password. Don’t forget to hit save!

FontShop also stores the information of your previous purchases. Choosing an order ID number will take you to a one page summary of the license you purchased.

The best part of this section is that you can download a copy of the fonts you recently licensed if you need them again. We even store your Typekit voucher code, just in case you change your mind and decide not to self host your own webfonts.

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