Astype’s Ademo & Secca Art

Looking back over Astype’s catalogue this week, a couple nice ones stood out.

Ademo by Andreas Seidel, after Carl A. Fahrenwaldt

Polychrome types like Ademo by Andreas Seidel give the typographer a lot of latitude in creating the proper relationships between positive and negative space. Initially designed in metal by Carl A. Fahrenwaldt as a shaded display face in 1931, Andreas brings new life and new uses to the design. Among these he mentions embossing, blind imaging, die- or laser cutting, stamping, and experimenting with spot coatings. The face comes in a standard set of six fonts, and supplements this with eight additional fills available individually.

Secca Art by Andreas Seidel

Secca Art is a variation of the Secca family, a fresh take on the German grotesque letter. Secca Art adds a bit of warmth, unexpectedly, through applying curves to the diagonal strokes, and through altering the stance of capitals such as D and G. The effect loosely ties the design to the early art nouveau period which Andreas cites as a direct source of inspiration. Secca Art is purchasable as an 8-weight set, a complete 11-weight set including hairlines, and in individual weights.

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