Staff Picks, September 2011

September Staff Picks are in.

David picks FF Primary by Martin Wenzel; Published by FontFont

Three-dimensional types are tricky, but beautiful. This one caught my eye when flipping through an old FontShop catalog.” What you’re seeing is four fonts on four layers, each in its own color.

Theresa chooses Coquette by Mark Simonson; Published by Mark Simonson Studio

“The typeface has playful elements that keeps it from being too serious. It flirts with you with its swashes in the uppercase and cleverly ended ball terminals that occasionally peek out when setting type. It’s a cute font.”

Anna picks Satura by Peter Bruhn, Göran Söderström; Published by Fountain

“Browsing through our latest gallery submissions, I found myself attracted to a photo of Satura Parts used as a “guest typeface” in Form, a Nordic design and architecture magazine. Satura’s curious stroke contrast and clever use of white space (stencil-inspired) gives this family a beautifully unique presence. I’m especially fond of the lowercase f.”

See the rest of the September Staff Picks, or check our Staff Picks archive for more.

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