Friends of the Web

At FontShop we try to keep an eye out for type used well on the web and share the good stuff with our friends. One site Twitter pointed us to recently is Friends of the Web, a Baltimore design firm that works mainly in electronic media.

“So much of the web is filled with sites that are cluttered, convoluted,  mysterious. We just wanted to be clear about exactly who we are and what we do,” said Andy Mangold who picked up the phone when I called. The message of the site couldn’t be plainer. Set in FF Tisa Web Pro Bold the introductory statements come off genially, and with credibility. Ratio from psType serves as a secondary face to Tisa; both are hosted by Typekit.

One of the projects Andy shared with me that’s slated for release within a couple weeks is Quiption, an iPhone App that allows its user to overlay photographs with stylized type and lettering. These images can then be shared over the web—or should the user desire—as real, mailable postcards. Quiption’s micro-site is set in a less-famous cut of Century Schoolbook.

And also presently under development is Orbit, a very simple game that is both mesmerizing and disorienting. Morris Fuller Benton’s Alternate Gothic must of course get some of the credit for this.

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