The FontShop Crew Hits Brand New

We told you last week that some of our SF staff was heading to the Brand New Conference here in San Francisco, and in case you missed our live tweeting on Friday, here’s a wrap up of our impressions.

David Sudweeks, Type Expert:

One great trend: New type and lettering jobs get factored in right up front when budgeting an identity or branding exercise, even on small projects without much of a budget. With this growing emphasis I see a lot more work for type designers and letterers, and with it, higher value being placed on great lettering and type, and design in general. Recognizing this value, Alfredo Burga from the Peruvian branding firm Infinito said of another branding firm’s relocation to Peru (paraphrasing) ‘We welcome the competition. Frankly, it values our services higher.’ How refreshing.

Anna Eshelman, Designer:

I found myself drawn to the speakers who not only shared their work but also shared insights into the process behind their work – long before a final solution begins to take shape. What inspires us? Each speaker brought something interesting to the stage – from Marina Willer‘s quirky (yet brilliant) short films to Infinito’s beautiful presentation that introduced us to the culture, nature, and geography of Peru, context and inspiration seemed to be a theme of the day.

Several speakers spoke on ideas about how branding is so much more than just a logo, and it certainly doesn’t have to be set in stone – it can be fluid, it can be allowed to grow. I especially appreciated how Paddy Harrington of Bruce Mau Design spoke about branding in regards to sustainability and holistic thinking. Healthy interactions of all the “parts” produce a whole, and this whole can be designed to inspire positive change. A business and the sum of its parts certainly influence a brand’s voice, but a brand can also play a role in evolving the business itself as well as our communities.

Michael Pieracci, First Officer:

What I liked most about the BrandNew conference was how relaxed and casual the atmosphere was. Attendees seemed happy to be there, engaged with each other, and there was a wide variety of enthusiasm for the various presentations. I loved the giant photos in Marina Willer’s presentations and I’m excited to catch her again at TYPO London next month.

Meghan Arnold, Communications Manager:

I loved hearing each presenter speak to the increasing importance of type in branding, and to visually conveying the story behind that brand. I think a quote from  the final presentation by the hilarious Matteo Bologna summed this up best – “Type adds nuances to the message and sometimes it can take over the message.”

For those of you wondering what occurred in Iceland at ATypI, Yves Peters has a good wrap up on the FontFeed.

Did you attend the Brand New Conference or ATypI? What were your impressions?

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