Friday Five: Type Everywhere

We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Please find below five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

There’s an App for That

A reminder of how FontBook for iPad is the perfect tool for typographic reference.

Tips Continue

This week, Theresa guides type newbies through the tabs on FontShop.

Find Yourself Reykjavik or San Francisco?

FontShop is pleased to sponsor two conferences this weekend.

Congrats Grads!

Yves Peters covers the graduation of the the Expert Class Type design.

Pop Culture on the FontFeed

Typographic influences on award-winning titles and this month’s crop of ScreenFonts.

Friday Five Fonts: Rubrik by Newlyn and Capitolium News 2 by TypeTogether

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