Theresa’s Tips: Specimen, Gallery, and Fonts Like This Tabs

For every product page on you’ll see three tabs: Specimen, Gallery, & Fonts Like This. These tabs are helpful product guides which can inspire potential use. Let me walk you through them using Estilo Script as the example. We’ll start with the Specimen tab.

Within the Specimen tab there are three choices: Display Sample, Text Sample, and Character Set.

Display Sample will show how your typeface will look at Display sizes. The text is a static, but you can see how the typefaces will behave in larger sizes.

Text Sample will display the typeface in a paragraph.

Character Set will show every glyph that is available within the font that you’ve selected. A small arrow within the glyph’s box will appear if there are alternates available for that character. Click the arrow to preview the alternates.

Gallery provides real world examples submitted by our customers and staff.

Fonts Like This is our hidden gem. Here you’ll find alternate typefaces that have similar qualities. If you ever need an alternate to Helvetica, its just a tab away!

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