Theresa’s Tips: Using the Site

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be guiding you through the features of – both new and old. I’ll start with the basics: a brief overview of the browsing icons you’ll see through our site.

When you are browsing for typefaces, you will always see three icons throughout the site: History, Favorites, and the Shopping Cart. I recommend that you always log in to your account so that you get the benefits of all three features.

History takes you to your list of all the typefaces that you have browsed through on FontShop. So if you ever needed to search for a typeface that you saw last week, then it should be available here.
Favorites are your own selection of fonts that you’ve starred while browsing the site and can tag to sort them based on project, style, or anything you wish.
Shopping Cart keeps all your potential purchases in one area and if you need to get a quick quote based on the number of users and format, you can do it all here.

The custom sample tool bar found on product pages lets you change background and text color of a typeface and view all the OpenType features a font has. Use the legend below to help you browse your favorite fonts!

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