FontShop Friday Five: New Faces

We know you’re busy and the Internet is a crowded place, so we’ll try to give you a little reminder on Fridays of what’s going on out there. Below please find five recent FontShop-related threads that you may have missed.

Meet David

We’re very excited to have a new type expert on board in our San Francisco office. Meet David here.

Actually Meet David

Join us on August 24 at our Designer & Developer Meetup.

Meet Others

If you’re in The Netherlands in September, Yves Peters recommends you check out the “Now We Are Talking” festival. Then join others in London this October at TYPO London: Places.

If You Can’t Meet, Tweet

Are you following us on Twitter? How about Facebook? Keep the typographic conversations going across platforms!

Or Just Watch a Movie Instead

Yves’ ScreenFonts column returns with some gems, including pointing out a “Crazy Stupid” design mistake.

Friday Five Fonts:  Alda by Emigre and Lush Script by TypeTrust

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