Foundry Update: Letterbox

In our first newsletter of the month, we announced some new fonts from Letterbox: the chunky but energetic display faces Brunswick Black and Gordon Black, and the curiously mechanical monoline script Terital United. Terital, originally conceived as an all-lowercase script, wasn’t entirely new — FontShop originally announced its release in December of 2009. But since then, designers Wendy Ellerton and Lan Huang completely revised the typeface, with two sets of caps (standard and swash) and by combining the three variants into one single OpenType feature-laden gem — thus United.

But Letterbox didn’t stop with Terital; in fact the entire library was upgraded. All fonts were re-coded, some with updated and refined outlines and others with new glyphs and features. Here are a few standouts:

Berber by Stephen Banham, Niels Oeltjen, and Lan Huang

Berber is a strong, narrow, block-style sans serif. While typically meant for use in larger applications like signage, this recent incarnation of the the typeface increases its legibility in text settings. Berber Text now comes with Small Caps, while the King Caps variant offers some great underlined ligatures. Central European language diacritics have also been added to the family.

Download Berber Specimen PDF (532 KB).

Kevlar by Niels Oeltjen and Wendy Ellerton

Kevlar is a set of interesting hybrids. The Regular and Bold weights, similar to TypeTogether‘s Bree, are sans serifs with a distinct scripty vibe. Kevlar Slab meanwhile is an upright retro display script, like Michael Doret‘s Deliscript, which acts as a nice and extreme display option for the family. Figure variants have been added to all three styles.

Download Kevlar Specimen PDF (537 KB).

Bisque by Niels Oeltjen and Stephen Banham

Another upright script, Bisque is a unique blend of quirkiness and elegance, combining the coolness of geometric form with the warmth of unexpected and organic loops and glyph connections. The two weights are packed with contextual alternates and language diacritics, which are nicely illustrated in the specimen PDF.

Download Bisque Specimen PDF (516 KB).

Head over to the Letterbox foundry page to see the whole collection.

Images courtesy of the Letterbox website.

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  1. Posted December 13, 2011 at 5:54 AM | Permalink

    I love all three styles, thanks for sharing.

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