FontFonter Update: Preview Web FontFonts on Any Site

Almost a year ago, we first announced FontFonter, a tool which allows you to temporarily replace sans and serif fonts on almost any website with a selection of Web FontFonts. Since then, FontFont has greatly expanded its Web FontFont selection, and that expansion has carried over to FontFonter: you can now preview over 40 Web FontFonts, ranging from trusty standbys like FF DIN Web, to some of the newer designs like FF More Web and FF Sanuk Web.

The process is simple: Go to, type in a website URL, and FontFont It! You’ll then be able to specify which Web FontFonts you want to preview in a control panel at the top of the page; below will be the website you entered, with the chosen fonts replacing the default fonts used for that website. You can choose to replace all fonts with a single Web FontFont, or you can specify replacements for sans and serifs, respectively.

(Note that FontFonter doesn’t quite work as expected on 100% of sites. It will not work with secure sites [https], and will occasionally conflict with some sites’ Javascript or other code.)

Here are some examples to entice you:

FF Clan Web on

FF Milo Serif Web on

Lukasz Dziedzic‘s serif and sans siblings FF More Web (navigation, headline) and FF Good Web (body) on

FF Spinoza Web (navigation, headlines) and FF Basic Gothic Web (body) on

FF Suhmo Web (headlines) and FF Hydra Text Web (body) on

FF Chambers Sans Web on

FF Sanuk Web on

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