New: Coranto 2 Headline from TypeTogether

Last month we released Coranto 2 from TypeTogether. Designer Gerard Unger based the new family on his earlier DTL Paradox, tailoring this new variation to the newsprint medium: extremely legible, professional and approachable, with a taller x-height and more robust forms than its parent. It also maintains a detailed elegance that modern printers can more easily translate to the page than in past eras, adding to the typeface’s versatility in media beyond print.

Quickly on the heels of the first release comes Coranto 2 Headline. TypeTogether added three styles to the family, now available at FontShop: Headline Regular, Headline Semi Bold, and Headline Bold. These new styles have an even taller x-height, and are condensed to save space. They can be purchased individually, and are also included in a new family package which contains all seven styles.

Download Specimen PDF (762 KB).

Coranto 2 Headline

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