May ’11 Staff Picks

This month’s Staff Picks are a bold, striking group — a little something for everybody. Here’s a taste:

FF Jackie Pro

Download the PDF (393 KB).

The newest member of our team, Anna, picked FF Jackie this month — a favorite of mine as well. Designer Dario Muhafara drew inspiration from the Jack Daniels label script, and expanded upon it with swash caps, alternate glyphs, and an excellent Block variant. FF Jackie is one of many Upright Scripts at FontShop, some of which also have similarities to the Jack Daniels label. Further investigation and comparison is necessary, preferably on the rocks.


Download the PDF (70 KB).

Longtime FontShopper Jason Chapin throws down hard with his pick Facebuster, by designer Silas Dilworth. It’s one part Lively Old West, two parts Don’t Mess With Me. Use at large sizes, and at your own risk.

Novel Sans

One of Aaron’s picks this month is Novel Sans from Christoph Dunst. Novel Sans is a legible, high-x-height, contemporary sans serif with a touch of classical elegance that it borrows from its lovely serifed sister, Novel.

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