Contest: Rocking FontFont’s Free Fonts

Remember a time when digital fonts were new, grunge was in, and ragged was hip? Just like that original Lollapalooza t-shirt that may be lurking in the back of your closet, there are fonts that haven’t been worn a lot recently but it’s good to know they’re still around.  You can win $500 in credit toward FontFonts at by putting some of them to use in our design contest this week. Read on to find out how.

With the update of all FontFont products to OpenType this April, 24 families are now free for use. Since you’ll already be on to procure them, try experimenting by combining these free fonts with more modern typefaces and see what happens.

To celebrate this occasion, we at FontShop are having a little contest for our design customers. Your challenge is this:

Embodying the somewhat nostalgic spirit of these font families, try your hand at redesigning an album cover using at least one of the free FontFonts. Although many of these fonts conjure up the heyday of the grunge-era, your album can be from any time period — pick from the range of Bieber to Bach — or create an album you wish existed.

Submissions should be uploaded to FontShop’s Flickr Group “Rocking FontFont’s Free Fonts,” by 11:59 PM (PDT) on Sunday, May 1. If you do not have a Flickr account you may email your submissions to Only three submissions per designer please (if you submit more than three, only the first three chronologically will be entered). On Tuesday, May 3, voting will be opened to the public via a survey link on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Voting will close at 11:59 PM (PST) on Sunday, May 8.

The winner will be announced on Monday, May 9 and will receive a $500 credit toward FontFonts on

And who knows? Just as fashion cycles have seen the resurgence of leggings, fluorescent colors, and ’80s typefaces in the last few years, has designers covered when the ’90s come back with the availability. Perhaps your design will move the trend forward!

Free FontFonts

UPDATE: Information on voting for designs can be found here.

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